Venezuelan museologist and art historian

Gonzalez worked as a researcher, curator, and educator at the Fine Arts Museum and the National Art Gallery in Caracas, Venezuela, between 1998 and 2009. In 2007 the Polar Foundation published her book "De la Colección a la Nacion. Aventuras de los intelectuales en los Museos de Caracas. 1874-1940" (Collection and Nation. Adventures of Intellectuals in Caracas' Museums. 1874-1940).   Based in Miami since 2009, in 2010 she was invited as a speaker at “Crossroads. II International Congress of Sculpture”, Institute of Aesthetic Research, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Puebla. Since 2014 she works for Arts Connection Foundation and is in charge of the production of the Miami New Media Festival. Gonzalez currently works as an art teacher for AcadeMir Charter School Middle in Miami, and she also is an ASFI’s Board Member.


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